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Prada Rong Zhai 荣宅
Rong Zhai, one of the most famous and delicately decorated garden villa in Shanghai from a century ago.
Green Hill 滨江漫步绿之丘
Green Hill is a renovation project alongside Huangpu River, lying north to the Bund. It's one of the main exhibition venues during the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2019.
Up Above-万户千家与江河云雾
Shipyard 1862 船厂1862
Jinling East Road 金陵东路
Former Residence of Xia Yan 夏衍旧居
Longnan Garden Social Housing Estate
Longnan Garden Social Housing Estate is a housing project designed by Atelier GOM in Shanghai.
Shanghai Aurora Museum 震旦博物馆
Shanghai Aurora Museum is designed by Tado Ando Architecture & Associates. It's a private art museum located in Lujiazui Area.
Columbia Circle 上生新所
Columbia Circle is an ongoing urban regeneration project in the heart of Shanghai. Inaccessible for almost 70 years for the public, this former state-owned bio-facility campus has been open to the public as a mix-use commercial and cultural space.
Bund Finance Center 复星中心
An art center designed by Foster + Partners with Heatherwick Studio.
Shanghai Nightscape
This set of night photography in Shanghai composes of places I've been explored during 2018, ranging from hot summer night to freezing winter evenings.
Unfolding Shanghai I
Panorama views of Shanghai
Unfolding Shanghai II
Panorama views of Shanghai
Lingkong Soho by Zaha Hadid Architects
Minsheng Wharf in Shanghai
This is a renovation project transformed from an old silo warehouse to a new space for art gallery and public activities.
Hongkou Soho by Kengo Kuma
Hongkou Soho blends into its surrounding area while still stands out with the special form of facade.
Shanghai World Expo Museum
Shanghai World Expo Museum is a place that would bring our memory back to the time of Shanghai World Expo in 2010.
Bund Soho by GMP
Bund Soho completes the Bund area in Shanghai.
Powerlong Museum
Lane 189 by UNStudio
Hongqiao Flower Building by MVRDV
MVRDV designed this new office building near Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.
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